Firm Profile


To provide the best available rental space to Tenants through superior service, outstanding locations, and pride of ownership.

Olympia Properties is a multi generational family-owned firm that is passionate about investing in and developing commercial real estate. That is why we have invested so much time and energy into leasing, managing, and developing properties. Our model is quite simple: look for good properties, fill them with a great mix of tenants, and manage and maintain the properties with complete care. 

We have built our company with a central focus of handling outstanding locations and providing open lines of communication with all of our tenants. Our passion for real estate and our combined experience of 50+ years in the business allows us to be successful in all aspects of real estate, including leasing space to building out space for any type of business. We are proud of the work we have done so far and look forward to growing with our tenants in the future.