New Haven, CT May 25, 2007 – Olympia Properties, LLC has purchased another New Haven Property: 111 Whitney Avenue.  The Marcus Law Firm sold the property to Olympia Properties for $1.5 million dollars and plans to relocate to a new office in Branford.  The Marcus Law Firm is temporarily renting the property back from Olympia Properties as the law firm prepares for its move.  The building consists of 10,000 square feet of office space and has a 30-car parking lot.

Chris Nicotra, a managing member and Chief Financial Officer of Olympia Properties, sees a good future for this building and other New Haven Properties.  “We are very excited about this new acquisition. 111 Whitney is a trophy property located on a beautiful section of Whitney Avenue with onsite parking. We see no slow down in the continued strength of the New Haven market and believe that rising rents and a low vacancy factor will demonstrate that New Haven is the place to buy real estate today.”

The property is available for rent and is currently being show to potential tenants.  Interested renters should contact Olympia Properties at 777-0819.

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